By Dictating what we can and cant do we are both liberated and trapped. Work out what category we are dealing with, is the rule malleable and what the alternative could be.

You should be living an amazing life - are you?

Now let's flip it - what does failure mean to you? Here to help us is Paul:

Paul is the Founder and Creator of the Podcast My Perfect Failure.  The Podcast that believes our Failures are a vital ingredient for our future successes.   Although the subject is about Failure, My Perfect Failure takes a refreshingly positive spin on this subject leaving his audience with an abundance of tips, tricks and tools they can easily introduce into their everyday lives.  Paul speaks to experts on this subject and also those who reveal how their failures have been critical to their success.

Away from Podcasting Paul is an  experienced Digital Advertising Professional in London where he has worked for many of the Leading  U.K. Publishers  and more recently Paul has transitioned away from Publishers to working in the Digital Tech space.

When Paul isn’t working on My Perfect Failure he likes to hang out with family and friends, hit the gym and listen to music.

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