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The different Approach to Self Discovery and Enhanced Abilities using the Alpha Dude System

September 15th, 2019    

The questions that drive us all

By examining our lives we can be intentional with our time, the secret is in the questions, then the answers will take care of themselves.

BUT if you ask yourself a question like:

What is good about my situation? 

- (which is a great question) - if you are depressed then the answers will vary greatly from the answers you give when you are resourceful.

SO - get those perceptual filters and make it count.

Joining us today is Clair Pyle with the message - Left Standing

In examining her life she discovered when examining the turning points in life:

the lowest point of our life can lead to the most significant turning point in our life!

Facebook page – ClairPyleLifeCoach

Website –

September 9th, 2019    

You may make them, but break them and suffer the consequence


By Dictating what we can and cant do we are both liberated and trapped. Work out what category we are dealing with, is the rule malleable and what the alternative could be.

You should be living an amazing life - are you?

Now let's flip it - what does failure mean to you? Here to help us is Paul:

Paul is the Founder and Creator of the Podcast My Perfect Failure.  The Podcast that believes our Failures are a vital ingredient for our future successes.   Although the subject is about Failure, My Perfect Failure takes a refreshingly positive spin on this subject leaving his audience with an abundance of tips, tricks and tools they can easily introduce into their everyday lives.  Paul speaks to experts on this subject and also those who reveal how their failures have been critical to their success.

Away from Podcasting Paul is an  experienced Digital Advertising Professional in London where he has worked for many of the Leading  U.K. Publishers  and more recently Paul has transitioned away from Publishers to working in the Digital Tech space.

When Paul isn’t working on My Perfect Failure he likes to hang out with family and friends, hit the gym and listen to music.

Social Media




August 31st, 2019    

Trust, Skepticism and the Antedote

Advertisements, Click bait, Marketing Departments... Welcome to 2019

If you haven't learnt to protect yourself by becoming skeptical, you will fall for anything, yet it often works against you.

In this episode we examine this phenomenon, and how to overcome the part that limits you.

Once you learn to trust yourself, you can then move onto actually liking yourself and from this place you are able to fulfil your potential.

Here is Laura Morrice


August 26th, 2019    

Your Own Personal Security Guard

A Guard protects something important.

Special things need protection as it equates importance with worth and value. So tell me – are you important? 

Of course you are, now let's protect.


Our scheduled guest backed out last minute guys (sorry) hope you enjoy the episode.

August 18th, 2019    

Escape Prison… Using modern psychology.

Escape Prison… Using modern psychology.

Decisions dictate our life, be it good or bad.

The double edge of the same knife cuts deep, so intentionality counts, please take the steps outlined in this episode introspectively and discern its value.

Re: the title - Escape Prison… Using modern psychology.

Albeit I am talking about the mental prison we lock ourselves in, our next guest John Henderson is on to discuss how he used psychology to escape his mental prison which lead eventually to him actually leaving the physical prison he was in. 

Our Guest:

John Henderson, a speaker, top 10 Amazon bestselling author, and occasional blogger. He went from high school dropout to college professor. He also rode to work every day on a rope, attached to the bottom of a helicopter for six months, in Hawaii. He has spoken all across the country and has built a multi-million dollar business in the process. You can connect with John at the following places.



August 11th, 2019    

Installing your adjustable perceptual lens to change your reality.

Here are your magic perceptual filters, once you install them you should be able to largely adjust the lenses to filter out the negative, when you want to have a good time or perhaps transition to the curiosity filter to master a subject when studying something of interest.

These glasses are fun and adjust the flow of your life, yet in reality its all about the decisions we make so hopefully the change in filters help you make the right decisions where they count…

Speaking of big decisions, like family our next guest Isabel is on to discuss her major choice NOT to have children. Although for myself and countless others children are perhaps the greatest part of life, there are those who have another mission. Here is Isabel Firecracker.

Isabel Firecracker

August 4th, 2019    

The power of your mind feat. 3 x BONUS

Here is the 3:

1) The Power of your mind

Psychology is all about how we interpret the world, and it's important to unpack the tools we use to receive the data before interpreting.

Understanding this as a two step process is pertinent because then we can understand at the deepest level THAT EXTERNAL EVENTS DON’T AUTOMATICALLY CAUSE THE INTERNAL ONES, it’s the interpretation of it, and this episode will explore this component.

2) FREE Illustrated Book offer - limited time.

FREE ILLUSTRATED BOOK - "Attract Love and Repel Hate" August 10th and 11th 2019 Only.
This illustrated guide can be digested in less than an hour - come learn this unique tool which is game changing!
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Have a great day!
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3) International Guest, from Singapore Rayson Choo, is on to share his inspirational journey of overcoming, personal growth and what you can do to change your life as well.
Rayson Choo#Raygacy 
Host of The Raygacy Show
Transformation Catalyst
👑Create your Legacy from within.

July 27th, 2019    

Overcome Depression and get back on your feet.

Depression is beyond sadness, yet there is hope and many have overcome this and went on to live amazing lives of fulfilment.

To do this you need to understand what the issue it, how we got there in the first place, then you can:

1) Move from the depth of despair


2) When you are out of the hole, start to build a castle!

Clinical depression is serious and if you suffer from this then please reach out to a professional. This type of material is aimed at (point #2) however as long as you are getting the help you need it may assist you as you work out of the hole.

Here to help is Becky, who not only teaches a wonderful message, but also has an amazing story on how she overcame the worst.

Becky Scheliga


July 21st, 2019    

How I beat Bruce Lee.

Sounds like click bait I know, but once you listen to the episode you'll understand the true story.

Using this powerful change technology you can perform at your highest level yet. As always we bring on guest and expert, this time:

Altovise Pelzer who is a Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Live Streamer, Life Coach and founder of the World Voice League. She will share her story and how she was able to overcome extreme adversary.

Wherever you are, you can move forward.

Altovise Pelzer #SpeakEasy Podcast =>

July 13th, 2019    

Destroy Stress - Level 2.0

Last episode we built the foundations for dealing with stress, now let's go even deeper!

Once you master this, stress can actually help! It can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently and even boost memory. Then it can be utilised as the vital warning system it was made for, producing the fight-or-flight response for real life emergencies.

Next we move beyond coping and onto thriving and this is where we meet out next guest Trevor Oldman who at 22 years old has built his own online business up and not let stress get in his way.

July 7th, 2019    

How to Overcome Stress

Stress is the body's way of responding to pressures.

In this episode we set up the foundations for dealing with stress. In Part 2 - next week we will go even deeper and look at the issue from all angles, then with clarity and confidence you can move forward without being hindered by this negative emotion.

Want to upgrade?

July 2nd, 2019    

Brief Announcement - feat. Paradigm Shift

Short update <5mins, normal programming resumes on the weekend. 


June 29th, 2019    

Hack your reality. Three things to do right now to change everything.

This episode is a life hacking one, 3 things you can do to make drastic positive change. Done in the right way and by being intentional, it changes everything.

Our next speaker is a coach who is here to share his stories and tips on personal development.

Chris Waterguy

June 23rd, 2019    

The huntsman technique. Stalk your prize and set up traps.

Imagine if you were able to set up a mental process where you could automatically:

1) Never be walked on again

2) Always react the right way

Allowing you to focus on your goals. If this sounds beneficial, then this episode is for you! We also bring on Bill from Strokecast to show how you you can stay on tract even if you have a set back, and Bill had a CVA.

June 15th, 2019    

Time. Life is so short. What if you get your 70 years, and what if you don’t?

Worldwide the average lifespan in 71.5 years. Yet, what if you or a loved one is a statistical deviation and you aren't promised the seven decades?

In this episode we will examine time, its properties, how you can make the most of the time you have. Then we bring on the amazing Guest Tanya Kraisingr, who shows how she overcame personal tragedy with the loss of her husband, trained Kung Fu in Shaolin and so much more.

Tanya Kraisingr


June 10th, 2019    

Truth and how to Fight for it

If you lie to yourself, then everything else is lost, if you know it to be truth there is everything to gain in the fight for it.

Jeremy is on to discuss his Journey from the struggles he faced, to embracing his truth and the fight behind it all. Kung Fu and all.

Jeremy Roadruck


June 2nd, 2019    

How to develop Resilience, from Prison to Freedom to Success

While resilience will help you to overcome all things, it must be remembered that you can come back from wherever you are, and our next guest is here to share with us his story on overcoming drug addiction, going through jail time then onto being highly successful.

BUT before we go there I would like to again thanks those who have got a copy of the new ‘Personal Upgrade book’ , and if you liked it, I would really appreciate your review at amazon.

I would also like to encourage those of you who haven’t reached out - to flick me an email. I communicate with many listeners already, but I know for so many others its a one way dialogue, so if you have any questions or comments let me know @

Thanks to those who sent their condolences to the loss of Big Al, he was truely I great guy.

Our Guest is Ben Swicegood

May 26th, 2019    

MY best friend died, Regrets. Freedom and Meaning with Dr. Sean McDowell

This episode is dedicated to one of my best mates 'Big Al' who died recently, unexpectedly before he even turned 40 years old.

In this show I discuss:

My Friendship

My Deepest Regret

and share the message with you, that was made for him.

We are joined by Dr Sean McDowell, famed author and teacher to help with this journey. A rather personal podcast, next week normal programming will return, in the meantime let me know what you though about this episode.

Sean McDowell (PhD)


May 19th, 2019    

Cure boredom, arrogance and shyness. BONUS Hypnosis session

When we were children we had many magical abilities that we seem to have lost today. As we grow up we loose both this skill and many childish habits. 

Once we learn what this skill is and how to get it back, suddenly life takes on a new meaning and a myriad of problems are overcome. Some people advise going back to their child state but it brings up drama or childish ways. This focuses on only pulling the good back.

At the end we conclude with a BONUS hypnosis session, to be done only when you can give it your undivided attention.


May 13th, 2019    

Courageous Like Captain America. Featuring Special Announcement.

When you see someone stand up despite being scared it speaks to us at our deepest core. Courage, perhaps one of the greatest traits, like a diamond it is equally rare. In this episode we examine what it takes to be courageous.

This is followed by a special announcement...


May 5th, 2019    

Who am I? My story.

If you have heard me talk about psychology, alpha males and being true to your self, at some point you may wonder - "Who is this guy?" +/- "What's his story?"

This episode is in response to those who have asked for some of my background, along with some of the challenges I've faced and how I have overcome them. This is a stand alone episode so there wont be any guests on this week.

Hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions please visit my website:



April 28th, 2019    

Overcome addiction

We often try to distract ourselves from life when it becomes too mundane. When the distraction becomes a greater source of joy than life, addiction sets in.

Albeit addiction is a spectrum, this episode lays the groundwork for both the standard model and another unique mode of dealing with addiction.

Prevention is key, and by having a solid purpose we can avoid the potential for the pitfall. Josh Mclean is here to help us with that aspect.

April 22nd, 2019    

Psychological Warfare and Reverse Engineering.

When you learn how and why others attack, you can then intelligently deal with any situation. If you must fight back, you can do so and remain in control and keep the advantage, or if you wish to deflect then you have the option to do this and guide the outcome as you wish as well.

We will explore this using the top down approach, and our Guest from the 'Wading in Podcast' often uses such an approach in analysing various subjects.

Wading In Podcast





April 14th, 2019    

Emotional Alchemy, Creating and Transmuting Emotions

Emotions often control us, unless we take control, this episode explored the fundamentals of controlling one’s emotions (which we will expand on this further in future episodes.) This is a special way to change.

As I mentioned in the very first episode of Personal Upgrade, we live our lives with our loved ones, and if we fail to give this domain the same attention we give to our personal growth, then relationships fail and life gets messy.

Our next expert guest Tyree is on to help those of us who struggle in relationships, and teach how we can make otherwise dead relationships come back to life.

Tyree Wilson

April 8th, 2019    

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, NLP modelling and what we can learn.

Looking at role models like 'The Rock' gives us a reference point into what is possible, and in this episode we examined this process briefly. The purpose of examining these individuals is to inspire us to achieve more, yet we should always remember the simple things in life.

Things like joy and happiness.

This week we bring on Mike, from make time online to discuss his take on happiness and positivity.

March 31st, 2019    

Ladies Only! Personal Upgrade Special to learn the system as it applies to females. Featuring Mindfulness and more with Mariah.

* Regular Programming will resume shortly...

This episode we talk about the Alpha Dude system and how it translates to ladies, to give them the edge when it comes to Personal growth. Mariah then comes on to give her perspective on psychology, females and mindfulness.

Once you see what is transferable between the genders, most aspects are universal and so transferable between the sexes. I would like to thank all the ladies for tuning into the podcast today and urge you to keep listening, as the information in upcoming podcasts are both transferable and enriching, in this unique system you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Thanks Mariah

Podcast: How do you solve a problem like Mariah?

March 24th, 2019    

Communication Masterclass. Master your Voice to command Respect and Inspire Confidence.

In this episode we examine how to master your voice, to command respect whilst being charismatic at the same time. This is an important part of the system, while many others fail to give this component the attention that it deserves, (but when you do, it pays massive dividends.)

With this in mind, please pay particular attention to the verbal delivery of our next guest, Dennis Sumlin who is a confidence coach. More importantly though, he has worked extremely hard at his craft, in mastering his voice and delivery, earning him prestige and recognition with the international speaking organisation toastmasters.


March 17th, 2019    

Alpha Male Techniques and Hacks.

In this episode there are some unique techniques and hacks that allow you to make rapid change in the area of self confidence and personal development. 

Remembering this is simply part of the greater system, where we balance these 'Upgrades' with true Authenticity, as such we bring on a special guest.

Actor, Rapper and Author Lester Greene is on to discuss his journey from witnessing a murder in Harlem, to being a rapper, then Actor and Author. Throughout it all he developed his own philosophy that he lives by and is here to teach - Act like you love yourself.

March 10th, 2019    

Advanced Brain Mechanics. How the mind works and how to optimize it.

Understanding and Mastering your mind is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

This not only means you can upgrade yourself, but appreciate what others are going through. The payoff is the adaptive distancing which is important so we don’t get caught up in others dramas.

Frankie joins us again, to explore deeper his life's purpose and his pivotal experiences using the plant medicine Iowaska.


March 3rd, 2019    

Social Dynamics and the Path to Fulfilling your potential.

One the biggest hurdles many of us face is in displaying a confident personality without feeling like a fake, it's something we all need need to work on. Being overly concerned with others judgements sets us up for the the nice guy trap, where we act in a manner with the expectation that we will receive something. A better word for this is being manipulative, and despite our best intentions manipulating is never cool.

We examined the critical step to change everything in this episode and then bring on a guest who has mastered this to change his life.

Frankie Fihn of Sacred Planet Retreats is an international speaker and expert in ‘The Mystical Arts.’ Today he joins us to demonstrate how he literally started to live the life of his dreams, and how you can too.

Frankie Fihn

February 24th, 2019    

Master your mind and Learn NLP. BONUS Upgrade your Character with special guest Greg Koukl

To overcome challenges and to be your best, we need to master our minds.

In this episode we dig deep as we examine how to release the ultimate potential of our mind. To do this we look at NLP, CBT and other change technologies.

...but is this enough?

Mental qualities plus moral qualities equal character, and our guest Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason is here to help us solve this aspect of the equation.





February 17th, 2019    

Responsibility, why pumping your self up will blow up in your face and what really works

Too often we make excuses that get us off the hook. Taking responsibility and action is the answer. This is easier said than done, particularly if you are the less charismatic or experienced person in the encounter.  So we learn to pump ourselves up, only to feel a temporary buzz and usually defeated at the end. 

So frustrating! What can we do?

In this episode we examine this and the real alternative that makes the difference.

BONUS: Now we are really using our minds to make change we bring back expert guest Richard Scott to help you make rapid change easily.

February 9th, 2019    

Powerful exercises for your mindset.

Albeit the system is one built on concepts and principles, there is a time for techniques, that give immediate results. These are some powerful ones that will help with your focus and confidence. 

Be sure to give them the attention they deserve for amazing results. To assist us with the process we have Anxiety expert Richard Scott come in and discuss the finer points.

February 3rd, 2019    

The True Success Formulae to hit ANY Goal

Success and Goals. Talked about probably a little too much in the field of self-help. I am bringing up the topic to look at the different approach which has helped countless others take things to the next level.

If you have tried to achieve that dream and failed, chances are you missed something and this episode is for you.

On your Journey, we can collect things we don't need both psychologically and physically. To help you dump the physical we brought in the experts Bec and Tara to work through this from the 'Be uncluttered Podcast.'


January 27th, 2019    

How to be an Alpha Male while not changing who you are.

Alpha Males enjoy massive success, yet they are seen as being problematic. This is often the case because most people try to be someone they are not. The solution?

1) Be who you are / you don't need to improve = watch out for the same results

2) Improve and change who you are = watch the cognitive dissonance set it

OR  3) Discover who you are and make the changes to Upgrade yourself to your best self. Of course, to do this we need boundaries, luckily our guest Bradley Yates has a full EFT session to help establish these.


January 19th, 2019    

Social Fabric and the Scissors to cut through it.

Social constructs and norms, are they set in stone? What would it look like if you were no longer controlled by them? In this episode, we examine these and work through ways to overcome the things that hold us back, while also ensuring that others don't try to dominate us as well.

Our guest this week is Jason Comely, who created the game rejection therapy. Where we will learn more about the game, and how rejection can actually lead to self-acceptance.

January 12th, 2019    

If you are stuck, then you need to hear this. Escape Victimhood.

Upgrade everything, by moving out of victimhood. Only when you take total responsibility you are in the driver's seat of your life, but first realize how you got there.

To do this we examine the journey out of victimhood. Often this is in the form of the hero's journey. 

Michael Kass comes back, this time to share his amazing story.


January 6th, 2019    

Self Discovery, a different perspective. Is Personality holding you back or the key to your future?

There are multiple systems describing personality types. It is always useful to work out where you sit in relation to these. However, it is easy to get bogged down with the label, as such personality should be identified for a predisposition then analyzed for its strengths and weaknesses and finally examined for what you want to keep and how other aspects can be changed.

Expert guest Michael Kass is onboard as well, to discuss personality from his perspective.


November 14th, 2008    

Personal Upgrade. The different Approach to Self Discovery and Enhanced Abilities using the Alpha Dude System

NEW Episodes, MULTIPLE Guests, UNLIMITED Growth

In this episode, we examine Self discovery and then how to Upgrade yourself.  This podcast is primarily a psychological one, albeit watch for the philosophical underpinnings that are foundational to the system. These are where deep change takes place.

Once we work on ourselves we must take into consideration our loved ones. This is where we meet our guest Jürgen Schmechel, Relationships Expert giving his take on personal growth and how it impacts your relationship.