Personal Upgrade

The different Approach to Self Discovery and Enhanced Abilities using the Alpha Dude System

All of us have been hurt (or hurt others in the past.)

If you want to know how you can resolve this, it is entirely possible.

First we understand with the A vs B theory of time, working through the trauma and come out the other side healed.

Sound too much? Try it out!

The famous book 'The Charisma Myth' informs the reader on how anyone can become charismatic. Using many of the concepts in the earlier written Personal Upgrade - we unpack and of course upgrade this work.


Thinking about one thoughts is a major aspect of this system, only through introspection can we plan, correct and fulfill potential.

However it may be working against you; so lets explore the false dichotomy of mindfulness vs metacognition and how to apply it in ANY situation, from negative to positive, beginning with anxiety...


Once you can maintain long term plans regardless of the short term by developing a vision or version of short term events you have successfully Pre Framed.

Explore this concept further, make it a natural part of what you do and recognize this is what all successful people do. Upgrades as always we look at the bilateral implications and more.


If learning psychology is too hard,  Self Help Bores you and your not making any changes?

The answer is here:

Learn how to change everything by changing one thing. You are already doing this unguided naturally, being intentional in this one area honestly is the difference between nothing and everything,


This episodes explores the parallels of the Word Cup and Psychology.

Train, Qualify, Understand the Rules and Play the Game.

Of course we Upgrade things, stick around and level up your game!


In this Episode:

1) We will look at liars and turn the mirror on ourselves

2) We will learn to catch others 

and to Upgrade

We will go deeper of course.


We all have experienced pain and for some it is quite extreme. 

This episode unpacks some new and unique tools to not only deal with pain, but the underlying philosophy behind it.  We are all so comfortable and try to avoid pain at all costs, however this often means that the last time we had pain we didn't deal with it correctly, subsequently the mere thought triggers anxiety. 

If you go through the process correctly, everything changes.


Most people who understand Frame Control realize that being outcome based it stands in stark contrast with the equally useful approach of being Present or in the moment which is outcome independent.

This episode explores the dichotomy and resolves the tension leading to synergism, I hope you like it.

This episode will reveal how you can effect short and long term change in your life, and how the immediate affects the long term (an vice versa.)

The short term approach is far different from the long term approach, and when combined together we see synergy.

Lets look at the recipe...

The paradox of chasing comfort, with all the work it takes only to find on the other side that it's not only a terrible place to be - BUT also that you worked SO hard to get to this place.

If you have experienced this, then you know something has to change, or if you haven't then save yourself the heartbreak by taking the different path.

We begin with the classic situation you have no doubt encountered.

Then we transition into how to deal with it, along the way somewhere we learn something about ourselves, and the transformation is complete.

Slightly different, this episode we look at three unusual psychological hacks.

No its not "Smile more, remember names, think positive" 

These are mostly unique, quite interesting and highly practical. 

You will love number two for any debate. Also Enjoy the bonus one.


It's always with you, it is in fact likely your primary driver and what motivates you.

It's the controlling force of others.


Lets unpack:

What it is

How to recognize it in your (and others) actions

and of course:

What you can do about it.

We know we should act with integrity right?

But how can we make it really happen?

And when you do it right, did you know there are many unexpected benefits?

Lets dive in.

Growing is essential, and once you have grown to achieve what you set out to do, now what?

This episode explores the concept that stops the Successful individual from fulfilling their potential, what is it? Listen in :)


Avoiding violence is noble right?

Well - if you have no ability to use violence then you simply are avoiding a beating. 

However if you have the ability and choose not to use it? THAT is power that incorporates the physical and mental, which translates to all areas of your life, stay with me to see what I mean...

Make sure in the craziness of the year you take time to get away at some point, you cant afford NOT to.

Last day of my Holidays today and it has been amazing!

Reset = Recharge

First break in 2 years from uploading, recommencing as of next weekend

Stay tuned


This technology allows the individual to see clearly where they are, how they got there and more importantly - HOW they can change everything to move towards a new direction.

If you want to stop eating junk food
IF you want to stop being judgmental or critical
If you want more confidence
or Even if you want to fulfill your potential

- then this is the tool that reaches down and creates deep change. 

As always Personal Upgrade promises to Upgrade this beyond, so for any NLP Practitioners, pay attention to the novel aspects of the strategy in todays podcast....

"There are things known and there and things unknown, and in between are the doors" Jim Morrison
Questions drive us and while the answers have utility, they are not the ultimate.  This episode will explore this unusual dichotomy and teach you:
- To excel at any given situation 
- To understand yourself
and of course
- How to Upgrade yourself.
Lets begin!

If you could will yourself to do what you wanted to do, life would be amazing right? Possibly - the fact is many people do this and either fail or are miserable.

This doesn't make sense, until you realize discipline while being an incredible tool is not enough on its own...


If you want to spend a significant portion of your day 'meditating' to become centered:

1) This will consume a significant amount of your valuable 'spare' time


2) Results are NOT guaranteed

What would be better, is a tool you can use in the moment, that could help you to calm down the craziness, become charismatic and just enjoy your life...

The FEAR Epiphany

Once you realize, I mean understand at a deep level that you make up your fears, you are on the way to conquering them.

'But what if it's a dog going to attack me?' or something equally urgent?

This and other questions are answers within.


Defeat your fear and start living.

You are not alone whatever you are going through:

- Perhaps you are in a Rut?

- Maybe you are being attacked in someway by others?

- Or did you make a mess of things?

Four words: YOU ARE NOT ALONE, not only has it been done before but there are documented patterns of such behaviour, learning these will assist you in overcoming. 

Understanding this is just the first step...

We are around one hundred episodes deep so far.


In the process we have undertaken the equivalent of full courses in:


Memory, Hypnosis, Habits, Persuasion, Verbal Self Defence, Parenting, Alpha Systems, Social Dynamics, Emotional Alchemy, Psychological Warfare, Character and Leadership, Resilience, Stress Management, NLP, CBT and so much more...


So what are you going to do now?


A) Enjoy the intellectual buzz?


b) Use all the learnings to change absolutely everything to Beast!

The famous problem, do you want to:


1) Over come challenges and obstacles


2) Attract the good things in your life


- What if you could do both automatically? Listen on...

Life is a series of choices. 

Choose whats right,

Chose what makes you happy,

Choose what is important.

However are you aware of the implications of each choice? Each time you say yes to something you are in effect saying no to many more things. Let's go deeper in this episode...


We are directly influenced by our environment, and impacted by those closest to us, as such we need to make sure we make the right choice when it comes to dealing with difficult people. 

Sometimes its good to cut them out, sometimes however this will hurt you in the long run. 

Let's deal with this dichotomy head on.

Cause and effect in science is straight forward but in terms of human behaviour, it's not.

This is not necessarily a negative though, through understanding and adapting to this, we are able to make the changes to achieve more than you even thought was possible!

From here you can achieve any goal, behaviour or outcome.


We have all heard about gratitude as a tool of personal transformation, however this episode explores the practice at a deeper level leading to amazing results.

Then we have our guest on:

Dane Dormio is a martial artist and mindbody mastery mentor.  Since his first spiritual awakening in 2004 he has dedicated his life to understanding the secrets of flow states and optimal human performance.  

The unique approach to being the most charismatic person in the room.

Learn, enjoy, apply and watch the benefits. SUPER EASY.

Either you have a quick wit or you don't?

Fine - if you don't its ok -Lets develop one by exploring:

- The Underlying Psychology

- The Framework

- Techniques and More

That will transform you from the person who has a delayed response to saying what you need to at the right time. 

From the System, we will examine a small part of your Attitude.

Specifically the 2x R's that allow you to:

- Aggressively Pursue your Goal

and Importantly:

- Overcome difficulties as they arise.

These two aspects are synergistic, and the results are amazing, stay tuned.


In this episode:

From the studying of those who came before us we can then learn so much which will in turn enhance our lives.

- What to Read

- How to Read it

- What the benefits are


- How the process allows you to reflect ton your life and guide your future.

Dreams and Dreaming.

Everyone does it, few of us understand them, until now. 

This episode will examine sleep and dreams, then delve into dreams and how they affect the mind. Creating change in your dreams can create change in the real world.

Tune in and see how!


Jung's introversion and extroversion have both defined and limited people since it's inception. It is incredibly useful as a starting point, but it must not limit you.

Learn about the true (Upgraded) powers of the two positions, then establish how you can achieve balance between the two.

Even if you have learnt about these concepts prior, I hope you enjoy this episode as it introduces unique concepts that help you to Upgrade once and for all.

This episode explores the missed step of cleaning out the closet, THEN adding upgrades, so you can fulfil your potential.

Stop wasting your time with self help, only to find out that you are in the same place. We will look at the final blocks that hold you back so you can make the Upgrade tools work for you.

Skip this and you build a house on a crap foundation...

Have you been told to sell by:

Enhance the positives / Hide the negatives?

Or more advanced:

Sell emotions.

What if there was something that is MUCH greater...

Stay tuned.

We also have our coach on to work through mindset:

SassBoss CEO Sara Weiss


Did you know society is programming you, how you should think, act and respond?

Realising this is the first step, understanding how to break free from the programming is the purpose of this episode, stay tuned and keep an open mind.


Avoiding conflict leads to ultimately more pain. 

YET if facing it was that easy, we would all do it.

So what is the solution?

In this episode we examine Conflict and Fear, how to not only overcome it but thrive and transform at the level of your identity, let's begin...



This episode will cover a whole lot.

First let's understand what social pressure is about, then upgrade your mindset to deal with anything; after which you will communicate to yourself AND others what's happening in your reality. 

Then we Bring on Sameer Sharma to talk about his journey in Martial Arts and Personal Growth.




Your mind is truely incredible. With the power beyond the greatest supercomputer, you can use it to solve OR create OR compound Problems.

What will you do with yours?

Our Coach Dawn Chantel is on to talk about her story and how she changed everything with some simple reprogramming.

Dawn Chantel

How do we retain control of our psychology when physiologically we are out of control?

The Nervous, Endocrine and Multifactorial responses aimed at maintaining homeostasis, often work against us - then people describe maladaptive responses including:

Panic Attacks

Chronic Anxiety 

and Poor Mental Health

This episode will help you to overcome. Then you can utilise it to level up and make your Personal Upgrade.

This is a hard topic for sufferers, feel free to reach out as required... 

When you get that not so gentle reminder, that sick feeling that something is not right, it is the cognitive dissonance that it reminding 'you are off course.'

What you do with it changes everything.

Will you fight for homeostasis, and overcome or compromise yourself.

This episode will guide you to the correct path home.

Who do you follow? More importantly why do you follow them? Final step - how do you follow them?

The answer to this defines the outcome you will get and is the reason why we often get exactly what we don't want.

Don't be a poser

Don't copy others

In this episode we learn how we can learn from others and how iron sharpens iron. With the help of our guest Jessica Barclay and her unique approach.
@jessicaabarclay Insta & Twitter

In this episode: 

How to read Minds

Unabomber psychology Hack 

Unpacking Altitude from the Alpha Dude System


Marc and his daughter come on to talk about becoming an Author


In this episode we will cover:

- Knowledge Breadth vs Depth

- Open your Horizons

- Overcome Stress

- Increase your impact 

and our Coach Aubrey Johnson is on to discuss his story and perspective.

check him out

If you're not growing your dying right? Yet so many of us feel the need to conquer the world before conquering ourselves.

This episode will focus on the fix: 

1) Start Growing 


2) Grow the Right way.

Let's begin.

Our coaches are back! This week we welcome speaker, writer and coach Lori Beard.

Lori Beard Coaching

Neo : What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets? ... You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes ... (from the Matrix.)

There is much discussion about red and blue pills, and between pseudo self help, pop culture, viagra, left and right wing politics, becoming 'woke' and waking up it has basically lost its true meaning. 

When you take the red pill, it is the step of pursuing truth. The truth is not always pleasing to hear, so we often gather teachers to please our itching ears instead. If you are ready, let us begin.


In this episode we will unpack the incredible tool that has an extensive evidence base which supports its use.

Used for self change, on others, family and social dynamics. Once you understand what Influence really is, you can then motivate or persuade others in the most ethical and effective manner.

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