You can learn a confidence trick in 2 minutes, yet your life doesn't really change.  You can spend years at the psychologist, yet you only manage to f...View Details

CBT in 3 Easy Steps

We all hear about CBT, yet when it is practiced it is often either: 1) Too complicated and confusing OR  2) Too brief to be helpful This Episode unpac...View Details

Start with that one question we ALL ask ourselves, then reverse engineer it.  

In this Episode on the mind: 1) We examine how the mind works 2) The Two ways people use their minds 3) Once you use your mind correctly, how to optim...View Details

How would it feel if you could effortlessly be popular with everyone, even if you are introverted? This Episode will show you how. What if you feel fa...View Details

People treat you based on how you treat yourself. This is just the beginning. Lets unpack the full science to being treated well by others, and the UP...View Details

So by now, you realize that pumping yourself up gets you a short term buzz at best, but never provides true satisfaction. Or maybe mindfulness took so...View Details

You know it already. SMART Goals Different Domains Discipline BORING + INEFFECTIVE = WASTE OF YOUR TIME! Yet most people fail. Even if you are one of ...View Details

Most of this series has been about getting better. But if you build the worlds best mansion on crappy foundations, it wont last. In this episode we st...View Details

We all know about Projecting right? The Person who turns their anger on the innocent. The Boss under pressure who takes it out on their employee, or m...View Details

Pain to Change

When working with people who want to change, there is a difference.  Those who succeed are driven, and often pain is a factor. Just like pain is God's...View Details

We are all Lazy. Yes even you the Type A overachiever! This is the nature of the mind and how we interact with reality.  In this episode we will explo...View Details

This episode will focus on the Self Help Scams out there... Apart from the obvious (tens of thousands of dollars for coaching and courses) you may be ...View Details

Life is about challenges.  We solve problems daily with at work, home and in everyday life. Then along comes the bomb and we realize what a Problem re...View Details

Too often we miss the mark when exploring our feelings, emotions and reactions. Once you discover the Driver of the emotions you have the tool to cont...View Details

We are bombarded with information including self help. I was honestly not going to enter the public Psychology/Personal Growth arena back in the early...View Details

Someone is talking to you, then before long, they are dominating you. You go to a social event to have fun and find that people just want to talk over...View Details

In this episode we will unpack many concepts including: - How to deal with difficult people - How to deal with your difficult states - Learn how to ov...View Details

We all hold past traumas in our physiology, like it or not. BUT you don't have to live with them, they are repairable, and you can even hack the same ...View Details

This EPISODE is a prerequisite for life. I'm sure you know to take responsibility for things by now, but how deep is this really? Can it turn someone ...View Details

You are being blasted with thousands of messages daily.  A lot of its good, a lot of its bad. However even the good stuff, there is simply too much to...View Details

Ignore those seven step guides to being assertive, build your foundation from the ground up and create real assertiveness.  Only through being inte...View Details

I know, I know - The title = Bold claim yes - Click bait no! However in this episode we look at ALL facets of eye contact - why most systems and books...View Details

Capitalism by definition depends on profits and in order to make a profit YOU are selling something. Professionally its either your service as a teach...View Details

A MUST FOR THE INTROVERT Last year we covered Introversion vs Extroversion, how to Capitalize on the Strengths and overcome the Weaknesses *see link b...View Details

Last episode we unpacked how to heal the past, which is imperative if you want to move past those stumbling blocks that have held you back. Now its on...View Details

If you don't truly understand logic, you could be living a lie, or worse living for a lie.   Just like Martial Arts - If you want to learn Boxing go...View Details

All of us have been hurt (or hurt others in the past.) If you want to know how you can resolve this, it is entirely possible. First we understand with...View Details

The famous book 'The Charisma Myth' informs the reader on how anyone can become charismatic. Using many of the concepts in the earlier written Persona...View Details

Thinking about one thoughts is a major aspect of this system, only through introspection can we plan, correct and fulfill potential. However it may be...View Details

Once you can maintain long term plans regardless of the short term by developing a vision or version of short term events you have successfully Pre Fr...View Details

If learning psychology is too hard,  Self Help Bores you and your not making any changes? The answer is here: Learn how to change everything by changi...View Details

This episodes explores the parallels of the Word Cup and Psychology. Train, Qualify, Understand the Rules and Play the Game. Of course we Upgrade thin...View Details

In this Episode: 1) We will look at liars and turn the mirror on ourselves 2) We will learn to catch others  and to Upgrade We will go deeper of cours...View Details

We all have experienced pain and for some it is quite extreme.  This episode unpacks some new and unique tools to not only deal with pain, but the und...View Details

Most people who understand Frame Control realize that being outcome based it stands in stark contrast with the equally useful approach of being Presen...View Details

This episode will reveal how you can effect short and long term change in your life, and how the immediate affects the long term (an vice versa.) The ...View Details

The paradox of chasing comfort, with all the work it takes only to find on the other side that it's not only a terrible place to be - BUT also that yo...View Details

We begin with the classic situation you have no doubt encountered. Then we transition into how to deal with it, along the way somewhere we learn somet...View Details

Slightly different, this episode we look at three unusual psychological hacks. No its not "Smile more, remember names, think positive"  These are most...View Details

It's always with you, it is in fact likely your primary driver and what motivates you. It's the controlling force of others. EGO Lets unpack: What it ...View Details

We know we should act with integrity right? But how can we make it really happen? And when you do it right, did you know there are many unexpected ben...View Details

Growing is essential, and once you have grown to achieve what you set out to do, now what? This episode explores the concept that stops the Successful...View Details

Avoiding violence is noble right? Well - if you have no ability to use violence then you simply are avoiding a beating.  However if you have the abili...View Details

Make sure in the craziness of the year you take time to get away at some point, you cant afford NOT to. Last day of my Holidays today and it has been ...View Details

This technology allows the individual to see clearly where they are, how they got there and more importantly - HOW they can change everything to move ...View Details

"There are things known and there and things unknown, and in between are the doors" Jim MorrisonQuestions drive us and while the answers have utility,...View Details

If you could will yourself to do what you wanted to do, life would be amazing right? Possibly - the fact is many people do this and either fail or are...View Details

If you want to spend a significant portion of your day 'meditating' to become centered: 1) This will consume a significant amount of your valuable 'sp...View Details

The FEAR Epiphany

Once you realize, I mean understand at a deep level that you make up your fears, you are on the way to conquering them. 'But what if it's a dog going ...View Details

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