We are directly influenced by our environment, and impacted by those closest to us, as such we need to make sure we make the right choice when it come...View Details

Cause and effect in science is straight forward but in terms of human behaviour, it's not. This is not necessarily a negative though, through understa...View Details

We have all heard about gratitude as a tool of personal transformation, however this episode explores the practice at a deeper level leading to amazin...View Details

The Key to Charisma

The unique approach to being the most charismatic person in the room. Learn, enjoy, apply and watch the benefits. SUPER EASY.

Either you have a quick wit or you don't? Fine - if you don't its ok -Lets develop one by exploring: - The Underlying Psychology - The Framework - Tec...View Details

From the System, we will examine a small part of your Attitude. Specifically the 2x R's that allow you to: - Aggressively Pursue your Goal and Importa...View Details

In this episode: From the studying of those who came before us we can then learn so much which will in turn enhance our lives. - What to Read - How to...View Details

Dreams and Dreaming. Everyone does it, few of us understand them, until now.  This episode will examine sleep and dreams, then delve into dreams and h...View Details

Jung's introversion and extroversion have both defined and limited people since it's inception. It is incredibly useful as a starting point, but it mu...View Details

This episode explores the missed step of cleaning out the closet, THEN adding upgrades, so you can fulfil your potential. Stop wasting your time with ...View Details

Have you been told to sell by: Enhance the positives / Hide the negatives? Or more advanced: Sell emotions. What if there was something that is MUCH g...View Details

Did you know society is programming you, how you should think, act and respond? Realising this is the first step, understanding how to break free from...View Details

Avoiding conflict leads to ultimately more pain.  YET if facing it was that easy, we would all do it. So what is the solution? In this episode we exam...View Details

This episode will cover a whole lot. First let's understand what social pressure is about, then upgrade your mindset to deal with anything; after whic...View Details

Your mind is truely incredible. With the power beyond the greatest supercomputer, you can use it to solve OR create OR compound Problems. What will yo...View Details

How do we retain control of our psychology when physiologically we are out of control? The Nervous, Endocrine and Multifactorial responses aimed at ma...View Details

When you get that not so gentle reminder, that sick feeling that something is not right, it is the cognitive dissonance that it reminding 'you are off...View Details

Who do you follow? More importantly why do you follow them? Final step - how do you follow them? The answer to this defines the outcome you will get a...View Details

In this episode:  How to read Minds Unabomber psychology Hack  Unpacking Altitude from the Alpha Dude System and  Marc and his daughter come on to tal...View Details

In this episode we will cover: - Knowledge Breadth vs Depth - Open your Horizons - Overcome Stress - Increase your impact  and our Coach Aubrey Johnso...View Details

If you're not growing your dying right? Yet so many of us feel the need to conquer the world before conquering ourselves. This episode will focus on t...View Details

Neo : What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets? ... You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-...View Details

In this episode we will unpack the incredible tool that has an extensive evidence base which supports its use. Used for self change, on others, family...View Details

You must have heard or read something about memory and hacks to improve your memory. After seeing someone memorise large lists effortlessly you may tr...View Details

Imagine if you could overcome social anxiety? You don't suffer this affliction? Think again! It's a spectrum and we all experience it at times, which ...View Details

Welcome to the science of Psychology. In this episode we examine Newtons 3 laws of motion, as it applies to emotions. Simple, short and profound. Enjo...View Details

So you know verbal self defence - GREAT! You even know physical self defence - AWESOME! Now you are talking and your abruptly interrupted now what? Fo...View Details

Welcome 2020!   With a new year comes new opportunities, and unfortunately the potential for others to abuse your good nature, this episode will safeg...View Details

Aka ZERO to HERO I hope you had an amazing Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2020!   This episode is in response to some of the listeners I...View Details

This episode will go through my personal philosophy in life, which will be a slight change from the focus on psychology. I hope this is useful as you ...View Details

Success = Happy? Sometimes - yet why are there numerous examples of happy people who aren't successful (e.g. the happy homeless man) vs the successful...View Details

Deal with Anxiety

Real Anxiety is... crippling. Everything is harder than it should be, logic wont overcome it and any emotional appeals to address it are often negativ...View Details

Ask any high achiever what their secret is, statistically most include some variation of habits and routines.  By doing this right you can be sure tha...View Details

10,000 hours to Mastery? What if you wasted your time mastering a skill you hate? What if you wasted your time exploring - yet mastered nothing? This ...View Details

Do you have a message that you need to share with others? What changes could others expect from your message? Importantly, HOW can you get your messag...View Details

What if you could not fail? Hmmm sound so full of potential, but questions like this will harm you instead of help if you haven't got the right order....View Details

Are you bored? Do you lack social skills? Do you want to level up wherever you are? Let's do all of the above - have fun, learn, and grown - all while...View Details

The opposite of negative is ________? When you focus on this, everything gets better, but is it really that easy? In this episode we make it easy, wit...View Details

Parenting, the final frontier? Seriously, no one really knows what they are doing, every generation has their own ideas and ultimately the short comin...View Details

It's nearly the end of 2019 - how are you doing? Are you on target for your goals, and more importantly, are they goals that: a) Have fulfilled you? o...View Details

Question - What is the difference between beautiful and dreary scenery? Answer - The focus, and how do we achieve such focus? Answer - Focus on what y...View Details

EXTRA episode to celebrate international podcasting day... Take anchoring to the next level, then we are joined by our guest Kim Brown. drkimbrown.com...View Details

The UPW episode! Featuring coaches and attendees from the conference, unpacking the event and more. Everything you ever need to know about attending a...View Details

When models are created they facilitate learning if they are put together in a systematic diagrammatic fashion. On this Episode we will Examine: Tony ...View Details

By examining our lives we can be intentional with our time, the secret is in the questions, then the answers will take care of themselves. BUT if you ...View Details

Rules. By Dictating what we can and cant do we are both liberated and trapped. Work out what category we are dealing with, is the rule malleable and w...View Details

Advertisements, Click bait, Marketing Departments... Welcome to 2019 If you haven't learnt to protect yourself by becoming skeptical, you will fall fo...View Details

A Guard protects something important. Special things need protection as it equates importance with worth and value. So tell me – are you important?  O...View Details

Escape Prison… Using modern psychology. Decisions dictate our life, be it good or bad. The double edge of the same knife cuts deep, so intentionality ...View Details

Here are your magic perceptual filters, once you install them you should be able to largely adjust the lenses to filter out the negative, when you wan...View Details

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