Personal Upgrade - The different Approach to Self Discovery and Enhanced Abilities using the Alpha Dude System.

Created by Michael Pulser.

Most of us are torn between two deep desires. The first is to be ourselves and accepted. To express who we are at the deepest level while being loved for it without fear of rejection or persecution. Then there is the other desire; to be powerful and strong. Respected. Not necessarily in a nasty way but in such a way that we can live our lives without fear of rejection and persecution also.

In order to bring the two desires together we have to understand them for what they are, only then we can bring them together. 

The System is created to teach you how to Rediscover who you are, then Enhance your abilities to fulfill your greatest potential. Stay tuned for weekly episodes and watch out for the book 'Personal Upgrade' to discover and internalize this unique system of psychology.