I hope you had an amazing Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2020!


This episode is in response to some of the listeners I interact with about martial arts, it unpacks my martial arts journey, which runs in parallel to my personal development journey.


You may hear people say, “If I can do it – then anyone can…”


In my case I really mean it, coming from the worst athletic background ever, to where I am today


  • Rather than impress you - I want to impress upon you that you really can do it, even if objectively speaking you are pathetic physically, because I was probably worse than you were!

PS: Update - Something I’m not sure I mentioned in my recording was that I finally passed the arduous 2nd Dan Black belt testing in 2019, along with going up a grade in Jujitsu, all while focusing mostly on boxing. Please comment or message me if maybe Martial Arts is part of your 2020 plans and / or what your 2019 achievements were?


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