19.The Alpha Dude Podcast - Episode Nineteen - Social Dynamics

June 28th, 2010

Welcome to part two of Perceptual Positions - please listen to this and meditate on the model as it opens so many doors and is in my opinion - the most powerful part of NLP.

This is a magic technique which grows as you innovate it, so be sure to do the things suggested in the podcast - and then add to it.  Things not included in the podcast includes taking into account the environment, other individuals/groups and the social force they represent, inanimate objects and underlying messages in the syntax of conversation.

Once you master this - you will never look at an interaction the same - you can have control over your life and your interactions, it all starts here.

Be sure to leave comments, feedback and emails for me; as Season One draws to a close - all input will be taken into account and used in creating Season Two.

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